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Welcome to the Reach Scores Database!

Page entry is in progress.

If you have old tournament results that aren't found here, please feel free to send them to reachscores AT


Editing is limited to registered users. It is strongly recommended that results tables are left for me to import from an external set of documents.

Additionally, there will be a set style for how teams and tournaments are named. For now:

  • Tournament names follow a convention of "year, location, level". For example, 2015 Ontario Provincials.
    • National and independent tournaments have a different naming scheme
  • School teams use their full and most modern name for their highest-ranking performance in a tournament.
    • Certain common school abbreviations will be used (HS, SS, CVI, etc)
    • Renamed or relocated schools use their current name, regardless of the name during competition (Barrhead Composite HS).
    • Closed schools use their final name (Vincent Massey CI). Note that in the VMCI case, a different school moved into the property eventually (Michael Power-St. Joseph HS).
    • Merged or split schools follow the "path" the majority of the club took. For example, if two or more separate clubs became one during a merge, the older school with the "majority" carries the modern name while the "minority" school(s) are "closed" and use their final name (Cobourg District CI East and Cobourg District CI West merging into Cobourg CI is the only example I can think of so far)
    • "B" or junior teams are unlinked and can have a simplified name ("Lisgar B").